Tuesday, November 20, 2012



It definitely sounds like one of the silly words that I would make up, but this time there is something much more fun attached to it.

Movember is becoming more and more popular and is doing a good job raising awareness for men's health issues. It's also allowing men like me to look ridiculous for a month under the guise of charity.

Adding to the charity this year we have Penny Blue hosting a Movember party to close out the month, and there will be a beer brewed especially for it.

7 Cent brewery are an up and coming brewery that we'll expect to see more in the near future, but for now we'll be treated to a Belgian Dark Strong Ale to enjoy on the 30th of November.

Not just a 9.0% ABV manly beer to celebrate the closure of this charitable month, but it will be poured through the Penny Blue handpumps providing some sensual, smooth ale.


We'd love to see the hirsute brotherhood come out in force and celebrate the end of the month of moustaches, and enjoy a lovely exclusive beer to mark the occasion.

We'd love to see everyone there really so bring your brothers, wives, mothers, children (overage children of course....), friends, girlfriends. You get it. Everyone is welcome.

You never know, you might be crowned the Man or the Miss of Movember and what does that mean??

Prizes! Prizes of a currently undisclosed nature, which are the best kind.

See you there.