Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Beer Week

Good Beer Week will be upon us from the 16th of May - 22nd of May.

What part of this event title can you not love?
Certainly the “good beer” part of it is exciting, but what about the “week” component? Surely good beer should be a lifestyle rather than just a week! Well you’ve jumped the gun a little bit because it’s not quite like that. 
Good Beer Week is a magnificent initiative to promote the enjoyment of wonderful local craft beer in events that are specified to showcase the quality of local breweries and venues.
Venues all over Victoria are opening up during the week to host events ranging from brewery tastings, to offering food matching for beers or themed tastings. The exciting element of these extend beyond the events of the week itself as it will be a chance for the venues to trial events that could ultimately become regular events. See what I mean? 
Several of the events will span the entire week (so there are no excuses for you to miss any of them!) whereas the majority of the events are set dates (and ticketed, so if you want to partake you’d better act quickly!). 
I’d considered going through a selection of some of the more desirable events to attend, but as I am going through each one they all strike me as something not to be missed so instead I will simply post the link for you and you can check out the full calendar for yourself. 
So there you have it. You might find that this turns out to be a really important week for the Australian Craft Brew scene as I think we are crying out for more events such as these, and this week will provide the perfect stage for venues to host these events with the confidence that they will fill the seats, whilst providing them with the feedback that there is the interest in the events to hold them on a regular basis. 
To see this occurring more regularly we need to support it while we have the chance. 
I’ll see you all there. 


  1. looking forward to beer week, after hearing of the beer weeks the have in the US (I think a number of them go for more than 7 days) and the variety of beers and events that they attract I'm hoping Melbournes stacks up.

  2. Hey bro,
    Let us know if you're going to something good on a Saturday arvo & we'll meet you for a quiet one..

    Love Sis