Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moon Dog

The most exciting thing in Victorian craft brewing is growing.

The amazing Gingerbread Ale.
If you haven't heard of the Moon Dog Brewery then you need to do what you can to educate yourselves. Currently tough to come across, but just keep your fingers on the pulse.

If you managed to get to Biero over the Christmas period then you might have been able to experience the Christmas carols for the taste buds that is the Moon Dog Gingerbread Ale.

Writing a post about this is difficult as when I had the inaugural ale from the boys from Moon Dog it left me speechless. Every sip had just as much glory as the last.

"Glory" is a strange adjective to use for tasting beer but I'm not going to retract it.

The taste is a strong, delicious gingerbread taste and is incredibly smooth and silky. It actually tastes better than any actual gingerbread that I've ever had.

The Gingerbread Ale instantly catapulted into the top position in my list of most unique beers from the year 2010 narrowly topping the 2 Brothers James Brown Belgian Ale. As it was only tasted in the last two weeks of December the James Brown was unlucky to get pipped at the post.

This is a strong precedent to set for this young brewery to maintain, but one is eagerly awaiting the Local Taphouse's Great SpecTAPular to see the next beer these lads will attempt. Sources say that it might be a red ale with a twist, but whatever it turns out to be we know that it will be on the extreme end of the scale.

We're all looking forward to it, Moon Dog.

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