Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spoilt for choice?

Okay, I just want to clarify one thing before this post.

I love Biero.

It probably has the best bottled beer selection in the Melbourne CBD, it has twelve taps that constantly rotate high quality craft beer and they have the unique BeerVaults that give you the chance to have bottled beer on tap, without having to buy the bottle.

Currently, and until further notice, on a Wednesday night they offer $5 pints of everything they have on tap.

Amazing. I mean, amazing.

The selection is always first rate and usually there are one or two absolute standouts that make you realise why you love beer in the first place.

One thing I have noticed is that the quality of the brews can dwarf some of the middle tier beers.

My case in point in this instance is the Beard and Brau Red Tail. Last Wednesday I had a pint of the Red Tail at Biero and I found it very pleasant as a simple red ale but it didn't really strike me as a great, interesting beer.

Only a few days later I picked up a selection of Beard and Brau's from Blackheart & Sparrows and when I got to the Red Tail I was taken aback. It took on a whole other character. A lot more depth and complexity of it's flavour and it just seemed to be more rounded altogether.

There are numerous explanations for why it mightn't have been as good at Biero, but it got me to thinking if the high quality beers there taint some of the good, middle tier beers you might have there.

It is a shame that this occurs, but I guess if it's due to comparing them to really high quality craft beers then that's a pretty good quandary.

I don't think there's anything you can really take from this except to give a second chance every now and then and not be so judgmental.

Maybe it's just me that is very judgmental?

Bah... end transmission.

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