Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Crafty Pint

Simply put, The Crafty Pint is the best reference point for Victorian (soon to be covering other states of the country) micro brewed beer that there is. 

Enough said. You needn't read on. Click on the link on the left and enjoy. 

If you're defying me and have decided to continue reading then so be it. 

The Crafty Pint is an up to date point of reference for all things relative to micro brewed beers.

The site features a rundown of Victorian breweries, bars and bottle shops and outlines the beer that they brew/bottle/tap with a reference map so you can locate the breweries or bars you like, or see what kind of venues you may have close by. 

One of the joys of enjoying micro brewed beers in Victoria is when you can view The Crafty Pint to see any new beer releases that come up, read a description about the beer, see the current locations around Victoria that are tapping it or have them in bottles, and there go and enjoy them as they are released. 

It's wonderful.

The Crafty Pint also provides an event calendar to keep us all up to date with any and all of the scheduled events held by bars, breweries and bottle shops.

It always pays to check the event calendar when planning any events of your own to make sure you aren't carelessly double booking yourself and missing out on something as vital and important as $5 Pint Night at Biero.

Imagine that.

If all this is not enough for you then you can get some solid editorial work with Crafty Pint offering certain features such as Q&A's with some brewers or prominent figures within the micro brew community or just a good run down over the latest countdown of the Local Taphouse's Hottest 100 brews.

Are you still here?

Go and look and The Crafty Pint for goodness sake.

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